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Q: What country does the story the old man and the figs come from?
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What country does the gingerbread man story come from?


Who was a man without a country?

Philip Nolan was the man without a country but this story is fiction

Where did the electric guitar come from what country or region?

America , look up a man named Adolf Rickenbacker for the whole story

Where did the gingerbread man story come from?


What is considered poor man's food in the middle east?


What is an example of narration?

Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed.

Is the gingerbread man alive?

In the story of the Gingerbread Man, the gingerbread man does come to life and escape from the house of the woman who baked him. But it is just a story, so no, he isn't real.

Which country did a man develope computers come from?

he came from Australia

What country does the worlds fastest man come from?


Edward Everett Hale's story of treason?

The Man Without a Country ♥

What country is the gingerbread man from?

The Gingerbread Man story was first published in St. Nicholas Magazine in 1875; it is an American magazine. The writer had heard the story from a woman from Maine.

Where did the pledge of allegiance come from?

It came from a crazed man loyal to his country :)

What country does the first man on the moon come from?

Neil Armstrong is an american.

What country does usain bolt the world's fastest man come from?


What country did the last name Socha come from?

Poland, it means 'plough-man'

Which country coes paul levesque come from?

Canada man. and he started in wcw

What Commonwealth country does Usain Bolt the worlds fastest man come from?


Time line or story map for The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

The climax is man vs. Man which is that the thiefs come in and they fight them off

What is about the hispaniola ship?

Hispaniola is a Ship that come across a Legendary Story (Horror).. in which a man Who sleeps is a Berth will run and fall on the sea >... Its a Voyage Story and a horror one too..

What country did the strongest man come from during World War 1?

New Zealand

What was the country song from the 1970s with the lyrics summer man oh summer man when you come back this year?

Maybe by Arlene Hardin?

Who is the fastest man on earth and what country does he come from?

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the World and he's from Jamaica...a yah so nice!!

A man from this country developed computers he broke codes to help his country win World War 2?

bill gates... come on!

What is the resolution of the story of the story of The Aged Mother?

Man Vs. Man

Which country does chicken breast come from?

it comes from its chicken init man brov this simple question