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The origin of the word dinghy is beyond dispute. It is well documented that it comes from the Hindi or Bengali word dingi or dengi, which means a native rowing boat used on Indian rivers. Modern English dictionaries define it as 'a small boat propelled by oars, sail or motor.' Older dictionaries as 'a small extra boat in a man-of-war or a small pleasure rowing boat'; also allowing the alternative spellings, dingey or dingy.

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Q: What country does the word dinghy come from?
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Which country does the word dinghy come from?

Dinghy comes from the Hindu word "dingi". Which is Hindu for "boat". The Hindu word "dingi" is believed to have originated from Bengal.

What is the Hebrew word for dinghy?

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How do you use the word dinghy in a sentence?

They went on a tour just on a dinghy. Dinghy is a boat with sails and place to stand.

What is the origin of the name dinghy?

My dictionary says it came from a similar sounding Hindi word for float or raft. what country did it originate

Why is a dinghy called a dinghy?

source of the word is from IndiaHindi ḍi·gī, variant of ḍe·gī, ḍe·gā, float, raft.

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What is the meaning of the word dingy please?

There is a word 'dinghy' which refers to a small boat, but I don't think dingy is a word.

How do you spell the word dingy with the definition of a small boat?

The correct spelling is "dinghy"

Which word in English language comes from Hindustani for a small boat?

The word in Hindi is Dingi, in English Dinghy.

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