North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

What country dropped out of NATO?

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Is Belarus in NATO?

Belarus is not a member country of NATO.

What countries did the united kingdom align with when it was a NATO country?

The UK is still a NATO country and is aligned with all the other NATO countries.

Was Iraq a member of the NATO?

No, Iraq is not a member country of NATO, but NATO does have a special partnership with Iraq.

What does NATO Standard mean?

NATO standard refers to the standard round used by all NATO countries troops so if a country is operating with another country and the guy from the other country runs out of ammo he can pick up the other mans ammo. The NATO standard for Assault Rifles is 5.56X45mm NATO and for pistols 9X19mm NATO.

Did Americans help rebuild japan after the bombs were dropped?

Yes. The NATO alliance did.

Does NATO have a standing army?

each country that belong to the nato have standing army.

What country joined NATO in 1955?

West Germany Joined NATO in 1955

Is England part of NATO?

No, England is not an independent country and so cannot be a member of NATO.England is part of the United Kingdom, which is a member of NATO.

Which southwest Asian country is a member of NATO?

All NATO member countries are located within the North Atlantic region. No southwest Asian country is a member. Certain Asian countries do have a privileged Partnership with NATO.

What NATO country borders Iraq?


What non eurpoean country was a member of NATO and a candidate country for the EU?

Turkey. However, Turkey remains a member of NATO and a candidate for the European Union.

In what country is NATO headquarters located?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Is Britain a member of the NATO?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a member country of NATO.

The headquarters of both NATO and the European Union are in what country?

Both NATO and the EU have their headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Which country is geographically in Asia but a part of NATO?

I'm pretty sure Turkey's in NATO, and they're part of Asia.

What country in NATO is non European?

Canada, USA

Which country was the northernmost NATO member in 1955?


Why isn't Finland part of NATO?

One country cannot be part of every union there is. Finland doesn't feel the need to be a part of NATO now. Finland works with NATO.

What did the member nations of NATO agree to do?

The member nations of NATO agreed to come to the aid of any country that was under attack.

What country was a member of NATO in the 1950s?

The United States of america is a good example of a member of NATO. Britain was also a member.

What are some disadvantages of NATO?

If a country is part of NATO, they would have to help a country at war, even if they themselves are not at war.Read more: What_are_the_advantages_and_disadvantages_of_north_Atlantic_treaty_organization

What non-eurpoean country was a member of NATO and a candidate country for the EU?


What country was a NATO member sine 1982?

Spain. Spain.

Which country has been NATO member since 1982?


What was the only country to join NATO during the 1980s?


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