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What country has twice as many college universitys then the US Is it china or India?


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November 09, 2009 1:57PM

Are you SERIOUS?! China has 6 and a half times as many people as the U.S. and twice as many universities, you mean you didn't know?!
The largest universities and colleges are possessed by JAPAN. about 1500+


China has 1.3 billion people, the US has 304 million. China population is 4.2 times larger than the US. Note: India has 1.15 billion

As of 2004 there were 2236 colleges/universities in China.
The United States has 4140 colleges/universities .
There are 160 colleges/universities in Japan.
India has over 300 universities. There are many more institutes (in thousands) but they are not recognised.