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n clothing made in? I have known it to be made in U.S.A. not Mexico or China. I thought the big thing with Affliction clothing is they made all in U.S.A. to Keep U.S.A. people in work..Thank-you....suzy

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Q: What country is Affliction clothing made in?
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What company prints affliction shirts?

Affliction shirts are made by Affliction Clothing. They are based in Seal Beach, California and carry clothing in men's, women's, and kids sizes.

When was Affliction Clothing created?

Affliction Clothing was created in 2005.

Who designed the clothing line Affliction?

Randy Couture is the creator of Alliction clothing.

From which stores could one purchase an Affliction hoodie?

Affliction hoodies can be purchased from the Affliction clothing site. They can also be purchased from other retailers such as Macy's, Amazon and Ebay.

Where can an Affliction shirt be bought?

Affliction has their own website where one could purchase an Affliction shirt. In fact, they sell a wide variety of clothing for men, women, and children.

Are affliction related to one more round clothing?

No they are Different Companies

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How do you get licensing for affliction clothing?

you contact the company and ask to speak with their licensing director.

Who invented the affliction clothing line?

Affliction was launched in August 2005. It is co-owned by Tom Atencio, Todd Beard, Eric Foss, and Clifton Chason

Where can you buy affliction clothing line in Vegas?

There are a number of places where you can buy affliction clothing line in Vegas. Some of the main places include the Las Vegas Fight Shop, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and many more.Ê

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