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Is the US in the North en or the southern Hemisphere?

the USA is in the WESTERN hemisphere

What did the US annex because of its location en route to China?

The US annexed the Philippines because of its location en route to China. The US later freed the country in 1947.

Which country is Aix-en-provence in?


What divides the north en hemisphere and the south en hemisphere?

the equator!

Is bent en a country?

No, it is not.

What does como se dice country en espanol?

"¿Cómo se dice country en español?" means "How do you say country in Spanish?" The answer is "país".

Hace fresco en norteamerica en octubre?

Is it cool in North America in October?

What is the country code and area code of Marche-en-Famenne Belgium?

The country code and area code of Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium is 32, (0)84.

What are kinds of visa needed to work in Denmark?

Depends what country you are from. You can read more here

Where can I get the drivers for my HP printer?

These can be found at the HP support and drivers website. The address is: .

What is the Lego website and where do you go to see it?

Go to here: or

What does en que pais vives mean in English?

vive en fancia en la ciudad de lyonAnother AnswerIn English, the phrase translates to: 'what country you live', or as a question: in which country do you live?

Attributes of a scientist?

>Honesty Curiosity Ability to discriminate what is important from what is trivial Imagination and creativity Common sense Objectivity Intuition Skill in observation of natural, technical, or social phenomena Systematic problem-solving A good memory Capacity for logical reasoning, including abstract and theoretical reasoning Capacity to draw logical inferences from observational and experimental data Ability to conceive an explanatory hypothesis and design critical tests to evaluate it Communication Skills 1. Capacity to retrieve information from published sources Skill in learning by interview methods Capacity to communicate in writing Capacity to communicate orally Skill in use of computers and other information-processing devices Skill in graphic display of information and ideas Personality Characteristics Maturity Motivation and drive Self-confidence Dependability Independence Empathy Capacity to work effectively with superiors, peers, and subordinates Initiative and sense of responsibility Capacity for objective self-criticism Leadership and management skills Habits of Work 1. Efficiency in the use of time Persistence-ability to see things through to completion Capacity for sustained intellectual and physical work Orderliness Ability to meet deadlines >

What African Country Is Youssou N'Dour From?

He is from Dakar in Senegal, North-West Africa. Il est né en Dakar dans Sénégal, Nord-Ouest L'Afrique.

Como se dice country en espanol mean?

"Pais"/ Country

How do you say in the country in spanish?

En la país

Where is the battle of the wilderness?

In North en Virginia Spotsylvania county

In Sweden what do they call the north pole?

"Nordpol" and the article is "en".

How do you say we live in in french?

nous habitons à (+ town) / en (+ country), nous vivons à / en

What is in in spanish meaning in a country?

'en' e.g. Vivo en Irlanda del Norte (I live in Northern Ireland)

What is a EN in the US NAVY?

EN is a rating in the US Navy. It designates that they are an Engineman. They work on all sorts of engines and associated equipment that supports them.

Como se dice country en espanol?

The question translates to As they say in Spanish country.

List of male country western singers?

the country and western singer that acted en blade

How would you respond to como se dice 'country' en espanol?


How do you respon to como se dice country en espanol meas?

Country es "país".