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it is not bassed anywhere. it is an invitational team where they get players from all differnet counties for each match.

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Q: What country is the Babarians rugby team based on?
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What country is the springbock rugby team based on?

South Africa

Which country is sea eagles rugby team from?

The Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles are an Australian professional rugby league club based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

What is the rugby union team based in Dublin?


Where are scarlets rugby team based?

In pemberton in Llanelli

What is the national team name for rugby union?

for which country?

Which rugby team have the nickname quins?

The "Harlequins Rugby Club", a premiership rugby union team based at Twickenham Stoop in Hampstead, have been giving the nickname "quins" by their fans.

Super rugby league team based in christchruch?

The Crusaders.

Which Country's rugby team is nicknamed the sea eagles?


What country does the all black rugby team play for?

New Zealand.

What sport uses fartlek training?

mostly team sports :) football Rugby cross country (individual) Athletics etc.

What country is the All Blacks rugby team from?

All Blacks rugby team is from New Zealand. All Blacks rugby team doesn't compete in the World Cup, but it has competed in the Churchil Cup and in the Pacific Nations Cup.

Where are the Crusaders soccer team based?

The Crusaders Soccer team based in Christchurch and competes in the Super Rugby competition according to information that is available on the internet.