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The People's Republic of China.

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Where can you get a list of purple heart recipients during Korean War?

The Korean War lasted from 1951-1953. Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel were involved. Thousands of PH medals were awarded; too many for one single list.

What country fought on the side of the north koreans?

The country which fought alongside the North Koreans in the Korean War was China. The Chinese entered the war on June 27, 1950.

What are all the different types of karate?

There are too many to name. There are three primary country divisions, Okinawan, Japanese and Korean. Within those there are dozens, if not hundreds of smaller groups.

How did general macaurthur misjudged the Chinese during the Korean war?

He did not think they would react as the UN soldiers approached the North Korean border with China. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers counterattacked the UN troops, pushing them back to the border with South Korea. He totally misjudged Chinese response to the UN soldiers a few miles from their borders.

Which country makes floda guitar?

its a korean brand. My first guitar was a korean made Floda.

Where Korean War took place?

The Korean War took place in Korea, a country in Asia.

Why doesn't the Korean national anthem sound Korean?

the national anthem is A guk ka 애국가 that means to love our country it does sound Korean

Who fought the Korean War on the side of South Korea?

The United Nations, led primarily by the United States, fought alongside South Korea.

What country does Korean Air belong to?

Korean Air belongs to South Korea. Korean Air was founded by the South Korean government. The national flag carrier of South Korea is on its tail.

How many languages are there in the Korean republic?

One, Korean Republic only has Korean Language widely spoken in their own country. That does not include dialects spoken.

LG from which country?

LG is a Korean based company.

What country are the wonder girls from?

Wonder Girls is from Korean! :)

Which country is maker of Hyundai?

The parent company is Korean

Is Korean a spanish speaking country?

No it is not. Korea has Korean people and most people there know only Korean (unless they are learning spanish or other languages at school) .

In the early 1950's the Korean war threatened to do what?

Terminate the Free South Korean people and country.

Do all Korean men have to join the army?

Yes, every Korean men have to serve for their country for at least two years. Unless you aren't Korean citizen. It doesn't matter if you are famous or not, you have to go to the army if you're a Korean citizen. The only exception is that you have a disability. That's why a lot of Korean parents would rather to let their child be born in another country.

What side was the UK on in the Korean War?

The UK supplied troops and equipment to fight for the UN alongside US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and others.

What was the financial cost of the Korean War to each participating country?

The United States had paid about 403 billion in the Korean war.

Which country do Samsung come from?

Samsung is a South Korean company.

What country does kimchi originate from?

Kimchi is native to Korean culture.

What is a kssn?

Arkansas country radio station. www.kssn.com It also stands for Korean Social Security Number which is issued to Korean citizens.

How did the first helicopter impact the world?

Helicopters helped hundreds of wounded in the Korean War by flying them direct to MASH hospitals.

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