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During the Korean War, China sent troops to help North Korea. The Soviet Union (Russia) also helped.

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Who sent troops to help North Korea?

China sent troops to help North Korea. The UN states

What country sent troops to North Korea to help fight the Korean war?

China sent troops during the Korean war to the North to help them fight the South. Russia gave the North and China weapons.

What happened when the Korean War began?

When 75,000 troops from communist North Korea invaded South Korea, the United States sent troops to help South Korea in a war that lasted three years.

Who are the army's that were in the Korean war?

The Soviet Union occupied the North and the United States had the South. North Korea became a communist nation. And South Korea became a democratic nation. In 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea. The United Nations sent troops from the United States to help defend South Korea. Chinese troops joined North Korea.

Which country did the us fight in Korean war?

North Korea. Also, the American troops spent a lot of time fighting the Chinese since China sent in troops to support North Korea, just as the U.S. sent in troops to support South Korea.

What was the initial response of the US to the outbreak of war in Korea?

The US sent troops into Korea from Japanese military bases where US troops were stationed to help South Korea resist the North Korean invasion . The intervention of Chinese troops widened the war .

What is the initial reason the US sent troops to Korea?

The Communist invasion of South Korea.North Korea's invasion of South Korea

What were the US troops doing in South Korea?

They were sent into South Korea at the request of the United Nations to protect Sout Korea and to eject the invading North Koreans.

How did the US get invloved in Korea?

When North Korea asked for help from China, South Korea asked for the US's help, so they broke down the bridge between China and North Korea and sent reinforcements to South Korea

Which president sent U.S troops to defend South Korea in1950?

Harry Truman sent troops to Korea in 1950.

Australian troops to Korea?

Approximately 17,000 Australian Servicemen were sent to Korea.

What did president lincoln do to help the leftover troops stuck in the fort from starving to death?

President Lincoln sent in troops from the North to help the southern troops stuck at the fort.

Which seato member sent troops to Vietnam in support of the US?

Several. Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) sent troops to Vietnam.

What two nations sent troops to occupy Korea After World War 2?

Soviet and American troops occupied Korea after WWII.

Why did America send troops to Korea?

They were sent at the request of the United Nations.

Which country sent troops to fight against the Americans during the Korean war?

Towards the end of the war North Korea was in the brink of loosing the war. China sent over a million troops to fight off the american and the UN forces.

What is the main reason the UN sent troops to Korea in 1950?

prevent people of n korea from conquering people of s korea

Did US directly fight Russia in Korean war?

No.Russia only sent advisers to help North Korea.

What economic reasons were there that helped start the Korean War?

At the time of the Korean War, the focus was not so much on economics as it was on ideology. North Korea was a communist nation with strong ties to communist China and to the Stalinist Soviet Union. The United Nations saw the invasion of South Korea by North Korea as an unlawful war that had to end. The US sent thousands of troops there and many UN members also sent troops. Australia as one example, helped immensely in the war. It's close proximity to China and North Korea were real threats to the Aussies.

How many wars has North Korea been in?

Two. They participated in the Korean War (obviously) and they sent a few troops to support the Viet Cong side in the Vietnam War.

Why did the conflict in Korea escalate during the Cold war?

The conflict in Korea escalated , because 1. North Korea invaded South Korea. 2. The UN became involved in the conflict in an attempt to stop war. and 3. The United States sent in troops and medical units to support South Korea.

Did Canada send troops to Korea?

Yes. After much debate by the Canadian Cabinet and government, Canada eventually sent her forces to Korea.

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