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Denmark As said Denmark, but they were in a union under Sweden between 1814 and 1905

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What Scandinavian country has been ruled by Denmark?

Norway was under Danish rule till 1815.

What country is Oslo Norway in?

You have got to be kidding me. Norway is the country & Oslo is in Norway.

What is the country west of Sweden?

The country is Norway.

Is Norway a low income country?

Norway has a high GDP and is not a low income country at all. Norway ranks in the top 10 of every positive economic indicator used to measure prosperity.

Is Norway a country or a capital city?

Norway is a country, and the capital city of Norway is Oslo.

What country is Norway in?

Norway is a country in northern Europe. Europe is a continent, not a country.

Is Norway a country or a city?

Norway is a country in northern Europe.

Is Norway a city or a country?

Norway is a country in Europe, not a city.

Does Norway belong to another country?

No, Norway is an independent country.

What country is Austevoll Norway?


Is Norway a country?

Yes, Norway is a country in Northern Europe.YES

What was the country next to Norway?

The next country to the left of Norway is Sweden.

Which country is Oslo Norway?

"Oslo Norway" isn't a city. Oslo is a city (in fact, it's the capital) in Norway, so Norway is a country.

What it the meaning of the government Norway?

"That who rule"

Is Norway a coastal city?

Norway is a country

What country is beside Sweden?


What is the northernmost Scandinavian country?


Where is utigard?

Utigard is located in the country of Norway. Utigard is located in the country of Norway.

Is Norway in a Scandinavian countries?

Norway is a Scandinavian country. Or Norway is in Scandinavia.

Which country would you find the Oslo?

Norway- but Oslo used to be called Christiana

In which country is Oslo?

Norway Oslo is in the country of Norway. Oslo is the capital of Norway. Oslo is the hub of trade, banking, shipping and industry in Norway, also it is the economic and governmental centre of Norway.

Why is Norway a developed country?

Norway is a developed country because of Sweden, Denmark and Germany's occupation. All the oil that has been found in Norway is also a reason. Norway is a rich country and Norway has therefore good health care, which makes people in Norway live longer.

Which country is a peninsula in Norway?

Norway is a country on the Scandinavian Peninsula, along with Sweden and Finland.

Is Norway a big country or small?

I would describe Norway as a medium sized country.

What country did Saladin used to rule?

The Kingdom of Jerusalem.