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Cobalt was discovered in Sweden. It was discovered by George Brandt in 1735. Brandt was attempting to prove that the ability of certain minerals to color glass blue was due to an unknown element and not to bismuth, as was commonly believed at the time.

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How discovered cobalt?

the man who discovered the element cobalt was a Swedish chemist named, Georg Brandt

Where was cobalt discovered at?

it was discovered on the moon in 1735 by aliens

Which country has the most cobalt?

most cobalt is found in the country of Sweden

Who did discovered cobalt?

Cobalt was discovered by Calvin Legette in 1735. Some of the most common uses for cobalt are: Blue paint for ceramics and glass, Magnets, and cutting tools. Cobalt salt can also be used as an anti-corrosion material.

Cobalt was discovered by who?

It was discovered by a Swedish chemist named Georg Brandt in 1735

What country was cobalt found in?

it was found it stockman, sweeden

What country was the element sulfur discovered?

what is the country sulfur was discovered in

What is the discovery date for cobalt?

discovered about 1737 by chemist George Brandt in Stockholm, Sweden

Is it true that Georg Brandt discovered cobalt?

No. Jk. Yeah, he did. Do you know where I found that out? Google. ;)

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This country is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Cesium was discovered in Germany.

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What country was barium discovered in?

It is not known what country barium was discovered in but it was discovered by German Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774. Barium is an alkaline metal.

Is cobalt chloride the same with cobalt dichloride?

Cobalt (I) chloride = Cobalt monochloride = CoCl Cobalt (II) chloride = Cobalt dichloride = CoCl2 Cobalt (III) chloride = Cobalt trichloride = CoCl3

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