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It is in Sacramento County.

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Q: What county is Sacramento California in?
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What city in Sacramento starts with the letter a?

There are no cities in Sacramento County, California. Antelope and Arden-Arcade are communities in Sacramento County, California. Arcohe Union School District is in Sacramento County, California.

What county is the California state capital in?

The capital, Sacramento, is in Sacramento County.

What county is walnut grove california in?

It is in Sacramento County.

Is there a city in Sacramento callifornia that is called allie?

Sacramento is the capital city of California, but is also the name of a county. There are no cities known as Allie in Sacramento County or in all of California.

Is placer county in Sacramento?

Placer County is north and east of Sacramento, extending eastward over the Sierra Nevada to the border of the state of Nevada. Sacramento is in Sacramento County, California.

Where does the Sacramento River begin and end?

Primary source - South Fork Sacramento River Other source - Middle Fork Sacramento River Source confluence - Near Lake Siskiyou, Siskiyou County, California. Mouth - Suisun Bay, Sacramento County, California, Solano County, California, California.

Where is Sutter County in California?

Just north of Sacramento along the Sacramento river

Where is Sacramento County located?

Sacramento County is located in the U.S. State of California. Sacramento is also the state's capital and it's county seat and has a population of 1,418,788 as of 2010.

Where is the Sacramento County Historical Society in Sacramento California located?

The address of the Sacramento County Historical Society is: Po Box 160065, Sacramento, CA 95816-0065

How many hours does it take to drive from Sacramento California to Barstow California?

California has two cities named Barstow:The Barstow in San Bernardino County is 6.5 hours from Sacramento andThe Barstow in Fresno County is 2.75 hours from Sacramento.

Where is Sacremento?

Where is Sacramento located?That depends on which one!Pick your Sacramento of choice:BrazilSacramento, Minas GeraisMexicoSacramento, CoahuilaUnited StatesSacramento, CaliforniaSacramento County, CaliforniaSacramento, KentuckySacramento River (California)Sacramento Valley (California)West Sacramento (California)UruguayColonia del Sacramento.

Which county is Sacramento located?

The City of Sacramento, California, is located at the northwestern corner of Sacramento County. I live here; it's a very nice spot. Drop me a line if you have any questions about Sacramento.

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