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What course of action do you have for being falsely accused of fraud and having police show up at your home with guns brandished and your children present?

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March 22, 2008 4:13AM

You can seek legal advice in any matter if youre offended by the

cops reactions. Try a lawyer. Have a chat on the phone. Many will

listen to you long enough to give a bit of an answer regarding a

case without you paying. Free legal aid maybe available from

courthouses, so its worth looking into. Cops make mistakes. They

are like computers...they go with what knowledge is fed into them.

If they hear someone is guilty of an offence, and they have

evidence, they have to roll with what they have as knowledge of the

offence and a possible offender. They have to turn up and complete

the process of dealing with offenders even if it turns out they got

the wrong guy. The whole thing with the law is that cops have to do

what the law says. As for guns drawn. The cop doesnt really know

what he's getting into when he goes to a premises/house. A huge

number of cops got killed going to simple domestic

disputes...squabbles between husbands and wives. So pulling guns

out at private homes can quite often be for their own protection.

The cop doesnt know whats going on behind that closed front door.

Being a cop can be a great job but it has hell on earth days...and

all he or she wants to do, is go home safely at the end of the


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