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What courses are required for pediatric nursing?


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A pediatric nurse should have a certificate in order to be a nurse. They should also have taken classes in anatomy, childhood development, and neonatal care.


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Depending on the level sought, the common science courses particular to nursing (outside of the professional phase nursing courses) are as follows.human anatomy and physiology Ihuman anatomy and physiology IIchemistry (inorganic and organic and biochemistry)microbiology

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You need to graduate from an accredited masters of nursing program that specializes in peds.

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The nursing program is mostly Biology and Anatomy classes. You may be required to take a few Chemistry courses also.

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Pediatric nursing is different because they only deal with children. You will need to have a more friendly bedside manner to deal with the children when they are scared.

No. A person needs to know a lot of information and not taking these courses will prevent them from going on to advanced courses.

Congratulations on receiving your nursing degree! Employee training courses vary from job to job.

Means you have completed the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course :)

Nursing refresher courses are conducted by many nursing colleges. You can find information about such courses on their websites. You may also find out more from the Nursing Association or from their website.

An Associate degree in Nursing takes about 2 years to complete online, required that you pass the courses in the first go.

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No you can be a pediatric nurse with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing.

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