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Obviously, any courses required by whatever college you plan to attend. If it's available, take some AP chemistry and any of the biological sciences would be good. Organic chemistry would be good, but most highschools don't offer that.

In general, you just need to focus on getting into the college for now. Keep your grades up and make sure you take the math, science, english, foreign language and any other classes required by the college of your choice. Ask them for a list of requirements. Most are more than willing to work with you. You may even be able to get that information from the internet.

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What high school courses should you take to become a nurse?

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.

What high school courses should someone take in high school to become a neonatologist?

== == There are few courses in high school that will help with becoming a neonatologist. Biology will be most helpful, along with math classes.

What subjects should you have in high school to become a pharmacist?

There are no required high school classes, however chemistry, biology, and calculus are highly recommended.

Do you have to finish high school to be a pharmacist?

High school and College and Pharmacy School. Becoming a licensed pharmacist requires almost as much education as being a doctor.

Recommended high school courses to be a peaditrician?

High school courses don't mean sh1t. College courses are what matters.

What kind of High school courses should you take to become a cosmetologist?

go to school take hair courses take hands on classes

What high school courses you should take to prepare for construction?

every one of them.

What subjects should you pick in high school if you want to become a police officer?

Those wanting to become police officers should take courses that appeal to them. High school classes should include the normal high school course load including math, language arts, science, and history courses.

What high school courses should one take to become a coroner?

High School is not too important, but you should take college prep type courses. Coroners normally have a medical degree, so you need good college grades to get into medical school.

What classes do you need to take in high school to be a equine veterinarian?

In high school you should take the most difficult science and math courses that you can handle. You will need to take biology, chemistry, physics and calculus in undergraduate college, so you should have some background in those courses in high school.

What high school courses should you take in order to prepare for becoming a funeral director or mortician-?

If you are in high school and want to prepare to become a mortician, you can take courses such as biology, human anatomy, and chemistry.

What high school courses do you need to get into Harvard?

AP courses

What courses should be taken to become a chef?

Chef training is done at culinary school and the courses given there are specific to cooking and managing a kitchen and staff. Prior high school courses have little or no relevance to what you will learn in culinary school.

What high school courses are needed to get into East Carolina University?

what are the high school courses needed to get into east Carolina university

What high school courses should you take in high school to prepare you for accounting?

Accounting, advanced buisness, and all the math possible would help.

What classes do you need to take in high school to become a pharmacist?

You should focus on college preparation courses, particularly math and science. If your school offers AP classes, you could skip some of these courses in college if you get a decent score on the AP exam. It would also be a good idea to start getting some experience in pharmacy or general healthcare by shadowing a pharmacist or doing volunteer work at a healthcare facility. Contact an advisor at the pharmacy school that you are interested in and find out what their program requires.

What is Penn Foster High School?

Penn Foster High School is a private high school that was founded in 1890. The school is located in PA and offers online courses as well as paper courses.

Required math courses in high school to become a pharmacist?

It is highly suggested that you take Algebra 1 and 2, etc all the way up t AP Calculus.

What high-school courses should you take to become a pediatrician?

english, science, math

What high school courses should you take to become a horse trainer?

Any sciences and biology

What courses should you take in high school if you want to become an anesthesiologist?

lots of science and math courses especially anatomy, biology, and chemistry

What high school courses should you take to be a doctor?

Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Latin, Math, Psychology. But the classes you take in high school are not that important. They should be AP/IB or advanced courses, college prep courses, but the key is to get good grades and get into college. In college, you will want to obtain high grades in a Pre-Med type curriculum with emphasis on Biology and Chemistry. Then you will apply to Med School.

What medical courses can you take to be a surgeon in midde school?

You can't be a surgeon in middle school. You should try to wait until after high school.

Where might one register for online high school courses?

There are a number of educational institutions that offer online high school courses. The sites for Penn Foster, Stanford University Online High School, and Keystone School, for example, each offer these courses.

What are academic courses?

They r high school courses that take you to university.