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Q: What court is included in a city charter?
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A city charter is equivalent to a state or national?

A city charter refers to a city that is governed by its own charter document and not by the state or national laws. A city charter is more flexible in terms of choosing novel types of government structure.

When was City Charter High School created?

City Charter High School was created in 2002.

When was City View Charter School created?

City View Charter School was created in 2004.

What is included in Canada's constitution?

the Charter is the supreme law of Canada

City charter is another word for?

Codes. A City Charter is an index of the City's Codes, Rules, Penalties, Regulations and Administrative procedures.

What is the city version of a constitution?

City charter or city laws

What are the Guidelines for a city government called the city?

City charter

Who grants a charter to most city?

A charter is most often granted by a state

What is the motto of City Charter High School?

The motto of City Charter High School is 'High School at Life Speed'.

When was the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom included in the Constitution Act?

in 1989 the Canadian charter of rights and freedom was added to the Constitution act.

A what is a city's version of a commission?


What is a city's basic law?