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It was between the rebels in the 13 colonies and Britain. The rebels ended up winning and then a whole bunch of crazy crap happened before America was declared a country

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Q: What coutries were fighting in the Revolutionary War?
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Who were the two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War?

The two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War were England and America.

Who was fighting the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was fought between the British and their colonies in America.

Which was an American advantage in the Revolutionary War?

Fighting defensive war

What war were the Loyalists and the Patriots fighting?

they fought in the American Revolutionary War why?

German soldiers fighting in the Revolutionary War?


What were the people fighting for in the Revolutionary War?

Freedom from The British!

What are the differences between the civil war and the Revolutionary War?

The Civil War was the north half of America and the south half of American fighting against each other. The Revolutionary War was the colonists fighting against the British.

What were the motives for fighting the Revolutionary War?

to gain independence from England

What was the American cause during the revolutionary war?

they were fighting for their independence

Why were we fighting Revolutionary War?

To gain our independence from Great Britain.

What are similarities of the civil and Revolutionary war?

they both have guns and fighting

Who were the Americans fighting during the revolutionary war?

Great Brittan

Why were the Hessian fighting in the Revolutionary War?

the British payed Germany for them

Did women take part in fighting in the revolutionary war?


What was Revolutionary War about?

The revolutionary war was a war between the colonists and Britain. The colonists were fighting for freedom, and Britain was trying to stop them from getting that freedom and independence.

What happened in Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War?

rhode island helped in the revolutionary war by fighting for their freedom which some of them already had

How was the civil war and revolutionary war different?

The revolutionary war was fighting for freedom against the British, but the civil war was brother against brother. It was an internal war between states.

Which was an American advantage during the Revolutionary War?

Support from the French Fighting defensive war

What is the difference between a civil war and a Revolutionary War?

Civil War is between one country fighting (ie. north and south Korea) for Independence or what ever the case is. Revolutionary war is fighting another country (ie.America and Great Britan)

Who fought against one another in the revolutionary?

In the Revolutionary War the U.S. was fighting against the British for their freedom.

Who were Sons of Liberty in Revolutionary War?

a group of men fighting for independence

Fighting that marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War?

battle of lexus and concord

What battle ended the fighting in the revolutionary war?

The Battle of Yorktown in Virginia.

What were the two sides fighting in the revolutionary war called?

Loyalists and Patriots

What is ironic about the Revolutionary War?

it was about slave owners fighting for political freedom?