What creates a covalent bond?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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A covalent bond is a chemical bonding where two atoms combine by sharing electron pairs. The combination becomes stable because of the balance between attractive and repulsive forces between the atoms through the sharing of electrons. This is one way in which atoms chemically combine to form more complex molecules.

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Q: What creates a covalent bond?
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An equal sharing of electrons creates what kind of bond?

A non polar covalent bond

Carbon creates what type of bond?

Covalent bonds.

What is a Cocalent bond?

A covalent bond is a type of chemical bond where two atoms share electrons. This bond creates a compound or molecule.

Would nitrogen and sulfur form a covalent bond?

Nitrogen and sulfur can form a covalent bond with up to four bonds. This creates a strong bond between the two atoms which can be difficult to break.

What type of bond is seen in oxygen?

There are actually three types of bond that can be seen in the oxygen. They are the covalent, the polar covalent and the ionic bonds. The Ionic Bond creates an bond with the elements called sodium and calcium, while the covalent reacts with elements carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen responds on creating a covalent bond and the polar covalent which is considered as covalent bond but shares electron between to atoms that makes it unequal.

A bond in which atoms share electrons is called a?

The type of bond in which two atoms share electrons is called a covalent bond.

Is a peptide bond a covalent bond?

Yes, a peptide bond is a covalent bond.

What chemical bond that occurs when atoms share electrons?

covalent bond,coordinate bond and singlet bond

What type of bonds holds atoms together in a water molecule?

Covalent Bond .

The sharing of valence electrons between atoms indicates an ionic bond rue or false?

False. Sharing valence electrons to make a bond creates a covalent bond, not an ionic bond.

Is nitrogen dioxide a covalent bond or ionic bond?


What types of bond do H2 have?

nonpolar covalent bond