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What cures Lung Cancer?

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there are many ways to used technology for cures of lung cancer like surgery, X-ray and radiation.

Hi, Radium cures most cancers apart from more serious ones such as heart cancer,lung cancer or genital cancer. Hope this helps.

Lung Disease doesn't necessarily have to be Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is a Lung Disease.

No, lung cancer is not hereditary. You get lung cancer from smoking.

because it cures diseases like brain and lung cancer effectively, by using the blood, doctors can inject it into the brain or lung and can cure immediately, (approx 48 hours)

Primary lung cancer (also called adenocarcinoma) starts in the lung itself. Primary lung cancer is divided into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

How do you treat lung cancer?

Absrract of lung cancer

Lung cancer is not a month.

Lung cancer is a disease. It is not an invention.

It does not help lung cancer.

Yes, Lung cancer is hereditary.

what year did lung cancer begin

The color for lung cancer is clear.

Yes it does, Lung cancer spread to the liver as they are attached causing Liver Lung Cancer.

Stage 3 lung cancer is very serious, but it is not the last stage of lung cancer. The last stage of lung cancer is stage 4.

Well its lung cancer and cancer is very serious so by smoking cigars you can get lung cancer and i think 2-5 yrs of smoking will give you lung cancer (second Hand smoke also gives you lung cancer)

Lung cancer can last or whole life. I don't know if lung cancer could be cured

i don't really know, but i will pray for those who do have lung cancer. There is a higher rate of cures and longer remissions than there used to be; some survivors are 10+ years! I'm a survivor of almost 2 years and hope I last at least that long!

Asthma is swelling of the bronchi, but lung cancer is uncontrollable cell growth on the lung . Asthma is symptom but lung cancer is disease

Yes, there are pictures of lung cancer.

People Mostly get lung cancer by smoking..

What are the treatmemts for lung cancer?

No, Kevin Jonas does not have lung cancer.

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