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Venezuelan Bolivar.

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Q: What currency were named after Simon Bolivar?
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Why do you think Venezuela chose to name their currency after Simon Bolivar?

It was named in Bolivars honor.

What country is named after a Venezuelan general?

Bolivia. Simon Bolivar helped in the independence from Spain.

What was Bolivia named for?

the country of Bolivia was named after Simon bolivar

When did Bolivia get its name?

Bolivia was named for Simon Bolivar

Who was named the President of the gran Republic?

Simon Bolivar

What is the meaning of Bolivia?

Bolivia is named after its founder, Simon Bolivar.

What country is named after independent fighter Simon Bolivar?


Who is Venezuelas money named after?

Venezuela's money was named after Simon Bolivar, their first president

What do the people of south America call the man named Bolivar?


Who founded Bolivia?

A South American leader named Simon Bolivar.

The ''George Washington of south America'' is another name for?

Simon bolivar Simon bolivar

Is Bolivia named after a great Latin American leader?

Yes, Simon Bolivar