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The 4th of July

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Q: What current holiday originally called constitution day?
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What current holiday was originally called originally calked constitution day?

the 4th of july

What was the holiday originally called?

Armistice Day

What holiday is called constitution day?

4th of July

What holiday was called Constitution Day?

September 17th was called Constitution day in 1787. See the link below for more information.

Which holiday was originally called armistice day?

Veteran's Day

What current holiday is origonally called constitutoitions day?

columbus day

What holiday was once called constitution day?

The 4th of July

What are the main parts of the Illinois Constitution called?

The main parts of the Illinois constitution are referred to as articles. The current version of the state's constitution was adopted in 1970.

A plan that provides the rules for government is called?

the Constitution

What was the National Guard called before?

The national guard was originally named "State Militia" per the US Constitution.

What is a New Zealand holiday home?

In New Zealand, holiday homes are called a bach (this comes from "bachelor pad" originally) or a crib (in Otago and Southland, from the "small basic dwelling" meaning of crib).

Why is September called Constitution month?

September is called Constitution month because it's important to celebrate the Constitution, a sign of true freedom. Every school does it, and because it doesn't get celebrated on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, they just use the month. In other words, September should be remembered as Constitution month because of the freedom.