What cycle involves respiration?


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yall should know that it involves the water cycle

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No cycle. Transpiration is part of the water cycle, and photosynthesis is what plants do to feed themselves.Carbon cycle involves both of them. Photosynthesis remove Carbon from atmosphere. Respiration release them back

The carbon-oxygen cycle involves photosynthesis, respiration, combustion, and decomposition.

The Carbon Cycle. I hope thats what you were looking for

No. There are 2 types of respiration: One form of respiration involves breathing and the other involves breaking down food inside the body to release energy (this form of respiration involves 3tages: 1. Glycolosis, 2. Krebs Cycle and 3. Electron Transfer cycle. I'm not sure if number 3 is correct, but if its not the stage has a name similar to it).

Water Cycle is the cycle that involves transpiration

Anaerobic respiration involves chemical reactions in cytoplasm without O2. This is in contrast with aerobic respiration which involves reactions in mitochondria with O2 needed.

Cellular respiration is part of the Krebs Cycle or the TCA cycle.

The Krebs cycle is the second stage of cellular respiration.

Aerobic respiration involves oxygen.Oxygen is the last electron acceptor.

respiration is the water from animal and plant

Krebs involves energy. Calvin involves volts.

External respiration involves inhalation and exhalation.

Cells store energy and release energy using ATP through the ATP cycle, a process that involves glycolysis and cellular respiration, as well as the Krebs cycle.

In photosynthesis, it energy flows in the Calvin cycle whereas in Respiration, it's in the Krebs cycle.

It is the citric acid cycle that is part of cellular respiration and is named after Hans Adolf Krebs.

The first set of reactions of respiration is called glycolysis, however the first part of respiration that could be called a cyclical reaction is Krebs Cycle (or Citric acid cycle or Tricarboxylic acid cycle).

Respiration involves so many types of enzymes. Enzymes are the biological catalysts

want to know detailed about= photosynthesis and respiration cycle? =then follow the link: http: //

respiration in man involves two stages.they are inspiration and expiration.inspiration means inhalation of oxygen.during inspiration respiration in man involves two stages.they are inspiration and expiration.inspiration means inhalation of oxygen.during inspiration

It describes one pathway for cellular respiration.

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