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No damage will be done from 2 weeks of chlamydia infection.

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Q: What damage can be done after having chlamydia for 2 weeks?
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Can you get chlamydia after having a pap smear done?

You can contract chlamydia after having a pap smear done. The pap smear doesn't cause or spread chlamydia, and won't protect against chlamydia.

Does chlamydia show up on a vaginal swab?

Chlamydia can be detected with a specific chlamydia test done with a vaginal swab. A routine genital culture will not be able to detect chlamydia.

Can males be tested for chlamydia?

Men can be tested for chlamydia. Typically, the test is done on a urine sample.

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Can a urinalysis detect chlamydia?

A urinalysis can't detect chlamydia, but specific chlamydia testing can be done on urine. Contact your health care provider to get tested.

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Does a doctor have to ask for chlamydia to be test for in the urine or does it just show up?

To get tested for chlamydia, you must ask specifically for that test. Routine urinalysis or culture does not detect chlamydia.Chlamydia testing requires a specific test. Urine testing done for other purposes will not detect chlamydia.

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