What dangers are associated with high concentrations of mercury in the body?

There are different levels of mercury poisoning, acute and chronic. Sudden exposure to high levels will cause breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Chronic, exposure over time, causes nerve damage, (tremors,convulsions,) personality disorder, (anger, depression,) organ failure, (kidney infection, pulmonary edema) and many other physical/mental problems. Children are especially at risk since they are developing. If exposure is suspected the person should seek medical treatment immediately.

Mercury has a half life of several months in the body, assuming no treatment. One normally experiences a very trace absorption of mercury from food and industrial sources, and this lengthy removal time will not create any health issues for normal individuals- assuming mercury exposure is not in abnormally high concentrations. If one suspects mercury poisoning, seek medical attention immediately. Poisoning from mercury is a potentially life threatening condition that needs to be addressed medically with prescription chelating agents, not by homeopathic "detoxification" remedies. A simple follicle or blood test can be used to evaluate mercury levels and confirm a poisoning diagnosis.