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What date did the spanish armada finish?


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The surviving ships of the Spanish Armada returned to Spain in September, 1588.


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The Spanish Armada Started In May 1588, It Only Lasted A Few Weeks.

The Armada set sail in May 1588

The English say the date that they left but the Spanish say the date of the first attack.

According to historians, the Spanish Armada began its voyage from Spain in July 1588 where it was responsible for overthrowing the Queen of England Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth in the Spanish ArmadaNo she wasn't. She fought the Spanish Armada and beat them...

The Spanish Armada was not in Cornwall.

She was queen during the Spanish Armada, and she made the spanish armada happen.

what did they wear on the spanish armada

In July 29th 1588, The spanish armada appeared at the coasts of cornwall.

1588 was when the Spanish Armada started.

Enland defeated the spanish armada in 1588

The british defeated the Spanish armada.

The Spanish Armada was the other side.

The Spanish had a huge armada.

the spanish armada was defeated in 1588

The Spanish Armada or commonly called the Invincible Armada.

the Spanish armada obviously ended in Spain as they had lost.

Spanish Armada in Ireland happened in 1588.

29th of August 1588. It was spotted off the Lizard, Cornwall.

Altogether, there were 130 Spanish vessels within the Spanish Armada exactly.

The Spanish Armada attacked England in 1588. The Spanish were thoroughly defeated.

no the spanish armada for an army of spanish people ready to do battle with us

The Spanish Armada that sailed against England was defeated in 1588.

The problem was that the spanish armada were attacked by the english people

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