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The Romanian people is very old; but Romania become independent (in the modern times) at 9 May 1877.

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Q: What date was Romania found and whom?
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Does Romania have a president?

Yes; Romania is a semi-presidential republic with a president whom is head of state and a prime minister whom is head of government.

What was the date of when Romania got its name?

The name Romania is from 1861.

What date did Romania exist?

The name Romania was adopted officially in 1862.

What year was Romania found?

Romania is an independent country from 1877.

What is the format of writing a found notice for class 7 in English?

Article Found Date Time (approx.) Place Identifications (of the found object) Content Whom to contact, Where and When

Is the forest of Romania found at the north?

Forests in Romania are in all the territory.

Where is Transylvania found in Romania?

Transylvania is a region in the central part of Romania.

What date is Romania's Independence Day?

December 1.

Transylvania Mountain is found in what country?

Carpathian Mountains are in Romania; Transylvania is a province of Romania.

What date did Romania alli with Germany?

At 23 November 1940.

What are geographical features found in Romania?

Romania has mountains and lakes, plains and rivers, forests and hills.

How was Romania discovered?

Romania was not discovered !In Romania were found in caves bones from Homo sapienswith an age of approx. 40,000 years, the oldest in Europe.