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What date was gold discovered?

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no one could determine on what date was gold being discovered... it is used in ancient times and being mentioned in the old testament of bible.

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What is the date that of the discovery of gold in California?

Gold was discovered in California on January 24, 1848.

Who discovered gold in 1848?

James W. Marshall is the man who discovered gold in 1848. The date was January 24th and it turned out to be the beginning of the California Gold Rush.

What was the date and year gold was discovered?

Gold has been used for thousands of years. Even before England discovered the Americas, the Myans and Aztecs had piles of gold.

How and who discovered gold?

i discovered gold

What date did the California gold rush start?

The California gold rush started in 1849 after people in the east learned that gold had been discovered there in 1848.

What date was the element of telluruim discovered?

Tellurium was discovered in 1782 by Franz-Joseph Muller von Reichenstein in a gold mine in Romania.

What gold was discovered in Georgia?

Dahlonega Gold was discovered in Georgia.

When was gold discovered and who discovered it?

Gold was discovered in prehistoric times- so long ago, there is no record.

When was gold discovered in Colorado?

Gold was discovered in 1859 on pike's peak.

When was the element Gold discovered?

The element of Gold was discovered around 2500 BC.

Who first discovered gold?

Gold was known of by the ancients. No one can say who discovered it.

Was potassium k the first metal to be discovered?

No, The First Metal To Be Discovered Was GOLD. No, The First Metal To Be Discovered Was GOLD.

Where was gold first discovered in NSW?

Title were was the first gold discovered? Hill-End

When was gold first discovered?

Gold was first discovered in mid Estens (6000 B.C.)

What river was the gold discovered in California?

The river gold was discovered in was near the Sacramento River.

What was the river called when gold was discovered in 1881?

gold was discovered in the big river mississippi

What is the name of the guy who discovered gold?

the man who discovered gold was caled John Augustus Sutter and he discovered it at his sawmill in 1848

What was the date Saturn was discovered?

there was no date

Where was the gold found in the California gold rush?

The first gold in California was discovered at Sutter's Mill, but there were other areas later where gold was also discovered.

Where was gold first discovered?

Gold was first discovered in prehistoric times, nobody knows where, when or by whom.

Who discovered gold in South Africa?

An Australian prospector first discovered gold in South Africa.

When was gold discovered in Ballarat Victoria?

Gold was first discovered in Ballarat, Victoria in August 1851.

Who served when gold was discovered?

James Polk served as president during the time that gold was discovered. :)

What date was helium discovered?

It is discovered in 1868.

What was the date when radon was discovered?

It was discovered in 1990.

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