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Q: What dating procedures can the scientist do to find the velociraptor?
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Why do scientist find relative dating easy?

because it is easier to find the age of fossils

How do scientist find the age of fossils today?

They find out by have sexual intercourse with them and see how their reproductive organs are working.

How did the scientist find the ancestor of plants?

by comparing fossils and using carbon dating to see how old they were

How do scientist know how old something is?

Usually scientists use carbon dating to find out the age of a material.

True or False To find the specific age of rocks scientist cannot use radiometric dating?


Where do you find a scientist or company that does Radiocarbon dating?

There are around 100 laboratories worldwide that conduct radiocarbon dating tests. A website with list of them can be found in the related links section below.

Can relative dating tell geologists exactly when events took place?

Scientist can find a range of when the event happened through carbon dating. They can not pin point the exact date, though.

What is the closest living relative to a velociraptor?

Unable to find in any current source, but it will be a bird. The bird is a Cassowary it has nearly the exact same skeletal structure of a Velociraptor.

What is the name of scientist to find the earth?

No scientist found the Earth.

Did the velociraptor hid her eggs?

Velociraptor would have built a nest and laid her eggs in it. Of course, she would pick the most secluded spot she could find. Until the eggs hatched, she would spend most of her time sitting on them to keep them warm.

How do scientist use Radioactive Isotopes to find the absolute age of a rock?

Absolute dating is a radioactive isotope the geologist can use to learn the exact age of the rock.

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