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When she isn't ovulating. # Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

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How does a transgender woman get pregnant?

A transgender woman cannot get pregnant.

Can a transgender get pregnant or impregnate a woman?

If she still has a penis she can impregnate a woman but cannot get pregnant herself.

Can a girl be pregrenat on her period?

No, a girl cannot be pregnant on her period. If a woman is pregnant then menstruation doesn't occur. Also a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation - although she can get pregnant as a result of sex on her period.

Can a women get pregnant without having a period?

If a woman does not have a period she cannot get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant a day after her mentruation?

no no

Can a 7 year old get a woman pregnant?

no. boys cannot get women pregnant until they start puberty. since 7-year-olds haven't started puberty, if they have sex they cannot get a woman pregnant.

What day and month did you get pregnant?

I cannot.

If your in day 32 in your menstrual cycle can you get pregnant?

Can't say. It varies a bit from woman to woman. Basically you can get pregnant every day of the month.

Can a woman get pregnant the day after ovulation?


If a men had a vasectomy done can a women get pregnant?

If the vasectomy was successful then no the woman cannot become pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant if a man just places his penis near the Virgina and does not ejaculate?

no they cannot get pregnant

What is the medical term for a woman who has had no pregnancies?

The medical term for a woman who has never been pregnant is called a nulligravida, A common term for a woman who cannot get pregnant is the term barren.

Can a women get pregnant in the second day of her period?

A woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilise. A woman can however get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as in the right conditions sperm can survive for up to a week, by which time menstruation could have ended and she could have ovulated.

Can a transgender woman become pregnant?

No, as of 2017 it is not possible for a transgender woman to bear a child. Transgender women do not have uteruses.

Can you impregnate a pregnant woman?

No, you cannot. Their bodies don't allow it to happen.

Can an employer fire a pregnant woman?

He cannot fire her for being pregnant; but he can fire her for other reasons if he can prove them.

Can a woman get pregnant with no eggs?

No, obviously a woman cannot get pregnant if she has no eggs. In order for pregnancy to occur there needs to be sperm, fertile cervical mucus, and eggs.

Can woman be pregnant at 42?

No women cannot get pregnant at 42. It is a scientific fact that women can only get pregnant at ages with odd numbers.

How much fat does a pregnant woman need per day?

how muchfat does a pregnant need

Is there olny on day in a month that a woman can get pregnant?

I think a woman gets pregnant through her period (monthly), which may last about a week.

If two girls kiss each other for ten second on the lips will they become pregnant?

They will not!! A woman cannot get another woman pregnant no matter how hard they try!

Can a baby sense another woman is pregnant?

No, a baby cannot sense that another woman is pregnant.Babies do not have psychic super powers, they're just babies.

When can woman not get pregnant?

A woman is fertile during ovulation and around a week beforehand when there is fertile cervical mucus present - she cannot get pregnant at any other time of her menstrual cycle. Obviously if she is infertile she cannot get pregnant, and birth control reduces chances of pregnancy.

You had cybersex with your girlfriend is she pregnant?

a woman cannot get pregnant by having "cybersex" only the admission of sperm in a woman's vagina.

If a girl is pregnant and has unprotected sex can she get pregnant?

A woman can only be pregnant once at a time. if she has unprotected sex while pregnant, this cannot start another baby.