What day does north Webster Indiana mermaid festival starts?

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"Mermaid_Day_Parade" id="Mermaid_Day_Parade">Mermaid Day


The Parade is Saturday, June 30th, in the afternoon.

It starts on the last week of June beginning on Friday night and

goes for one week ending on Saturday . Wednesday is the Cutie

parade and Saturday afternoon at 4:00PM is the Mermaid parade.

There have been quite a few celebs over the years including Mark

Spitz (the olympic gold medal swimmer) OJ Simpson was to be there

one year in the 70's , his brother came in his place. Several

heisman Trophy winners have come. Johnny Weismueller of the 1930's

and 40's Tarzan fame , he was also an olympic swimmer to win gold.

Bobby Riggs was there one year also (if you remember him from

tennis) and many others spanninning the years 1946 - thru


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