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Jeff hardy is coming backhe is coming back soon i saw a comerrcial he is off the drugs and that is why he was fired but a hardy reunion im not sure its possible
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Who do you think is going to win the match at judgment day 2009 tonight with Edge and Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy

Is Jeff hardy going back to tna?

On January 4th edition of TNA Impact, Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore were both at the TNA show. The next day it was reported the Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore both signed contracts with TNA. Right now Jeff Hardy can not wrestle because of legal issues. But Jeff Hardy is signed with TNA.

Who won at judgement day 2009 jeff hardy vs edge?

Edge Won Against Jeff Hardy in Judgement Day 2009 by the help of jeff hardy's brother, matt hardy which betrayed jeff

Who won at judgment day 2009 Jeff hardy vs edge?

Edge Did. Boo Still Jeff hardy Is better

What day is Jeff hardy coming back to WWE 2012?

As of now there is no news about Jeff hardy coming back to the wwe

When is Jeff hardy leaving WWE?

jeff hardy already left the wwe it was only a 60 day suspension one month left and he'll be back.Hardy Fans Get Ready For Jeff Hardy

Did Jeff hardy win in judgment day 2009?


Why did Jeff hardy get a sixty day suspension?

because he went to rehab

Jeff Hardy still be brother to Matt Hardy?

yes because there are born from the same perants but different day

How do you make Jeff hardy in day of reckoning?

Well it hard. I tryed and i came up to the 2009 version of Jeff Hardy. I made the version when lose to CM PUNK :(

Will Jeff Hardy beat Edge at eXtreme Rules?

yh any day

When is Jeff hardy birthday?


What day was it when Jeff hardy returned to Raw on 2010?

He cannot return to wwe

Does Jeff Hardy reply to fan emails?

Jeff receives around 1200+ emails a day and he trys to answer as many as possible.

Will Jeff hardy beat edge in his match at judgment day?

Nope, Matt Hardy Will Help Edge RETAIN Du Championship

Is Jeff hardy in the title hunt for summerslam?

no but he is in the hunt for judgment day against edge

Is Jeff hardy in tna impact 2?

Yes. From August 23 to Present day

In which date did Jeff hardy birthday?

the day that I shagged your grandmother and your dad sucked my 22" penis

What day will Jeff hardy return?

If you mean to wwe then it doesn't look like anytime soon.

How do you unlock Jeff Hardy in day of reckoning 2?

you cant! you make him in the "create a Superstar" menu

Why did Matt Hardy attack Jeff Hardy at Judgment Day 2009?

i think that matt hardy attack jeff hardy because he broke his arm at backlash in a i quit match and jeff hardy gets another chance, another chance, another chance, and another chance for the world heavyweight champion and nobody don't like Matthew Moore Hardy which that sad and wrong after all everybody should like Matt hardy because he part of the Hardy Family and The Hardy Boyz Matthew Moore Hardy and Jeffrey Nero Hardy we love u guys very much take care

How did edge beat Jeff hardy at WWE 2009 judgment day?

Matt hit Jeff with his cast to get edge(one of the best wreslters) the win

How do you make Jeff Hardy on WWE day of reckoning 2 For gamecube?

You twist it, lick it ,dunk it and ur done no lookin for it to try googling FAQ:Day of reconing for gc -how do i make Jeff hardy Bang and the job is done U smell

Why Jeff Hardy leaving WWE?

jeff hardy went out of the wwe cause cm punk beat him in the steel cage match but its only a 60 day suspension it was from 28/2009 one more month and he'll be out in one month

Does Jeff hardy love Rachel Sykes?

Yes he does Jeff Hardy loves Rachel Sykes he said she is realy H-O-T and he wantes to marrie her one day and have 3 kids they love each uther i wish theam the best