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Kiss a man day is on March 16 (invented on march 16, 1995

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u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man

Sure, Why not? Personally as a man, I would love to be asked for a kiss. I would appreciate the directness and honesty. Go for it! If he says no, at least you will make his day. Doveshaven

Well that's easy! It's just like the Rock N' Roll National Anthem says, "Rock and roll all night and party EVERY DAY!" KISS day is every day man! Hope I helped.

Rose Day=February 12 Kiss Day=February 13

100th day kiss was in icarly. on the 100th day of going out at midi-night you kiss. it seems to be a good idea

Kiss an Italian day is on the 25th of march

In Mafia/La Cosa Nostra criminal culture, a kiss delivered by man to another man is "the kiss of death" signifying that the recepient of the kiss will be killed.

Its a day when you can kiss anyone you want and not get in trouble

National Kiss a Brunette Day is July 2

No. National Kiss Day is on July 6th.

You ask her out and if she says yes then at a special moment kiss her don't make her kiss you kiss her first be the man.

you don't have to make him, just grab him and kiss him.

National Kiss a Mormon Day is April 26th!! =D

I'm not sure why but Billie (lead singer) is Bi not gay...

The Best Man can choose to kiss the bride or simply congratulate her and it's up to the individual that is Best Man. If he does kiss her it should be on the cheek and not on the lips.

a man should have to kiss women hand in age of 17 or 18.

Soul Man - 1997 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss 2-12 was released on: USA: 20 January 1998

Some people seem to think National Kiss Day is on April 13th. However, others feel that National Kiss Day is July 6th or June 20th.

If you are referring to February 13th, it would be considered Kiss Day according to the Valentines Week traditions.

March 16 for guys you kiss your girlfriend and for girls you kiss your boy friend

Depends on the contextkiss--> mesamKiss him---> samewe if kisser is a man or samyiwe if kisser is a woman ( first two letters in samewe/yiwe pronounced SAnot as in the English word same)Kiss her---->samate if kisser is a man or samyate if kisser is a womankissed her--> samkuatekissed him--->samkutekiss me ------> samegne if asking a man or samyigne if asking a woman

just like a man kisses a woman or a man kisses a man.

YES! ANSWER: Darling it depend where and how you kiss this married man. If it's only in the cheek and it's an innocent kiss no its not cheating. Just like kissing your father on the cheek. But if you have a plan towards the married man, wow! it will be a bit lame.

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