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What day is national day?

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National Day in Singapore is 9th August

National Day in North Korea And South Korea is 15th August

National Day in Hong Kong is 1st July

National Day in United States of America is 4th July

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What day is national TWLOHA day?

TWLOHA doen not have a national day.

When is national pirate day?

its is on national pirate day

What is Egypt National Day?

the national day of egypt.

What is the national day of afghanistan?

Afghanistans national day is called afghan day

What day is national watermelon day?

National Watermelon day is on August 3rd.

What day Is national medical records day?

when is national medical records day

When is Chocolate day?

* American Chocolate Week--March 14-20 * National Chocolate Day--October 28 * National Chocolate Day--December 28 * National Chocolate Day--December 29 * National Milk Chocolate Day--July 28 * National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day--November 7 * National Chocolate Mint Day--February 19 * National Chocolate Chip Day--May 15 * National Chocolate Eclair Day--June 22 * National Chocolate Covered Anything Day--December 16 * National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day--March 24 * National Chocolate Custard Month--May 1-31 * National Chocolate Pudding Day--June 26 * National Chocolate Ice Cream Day--June 7 * National Chocolate Milkshake Day--September 12

When is National Girlfriends day in 2010?

When is National Girlfriends Day

What day is chocolate day in April?

American Chocolate Week--March 14-20National Chocolate Day--October 28National Chocolate Day--December 28National Chocolate Day--December 29National Milk Chocolate Day--July 28National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day--November 7National Chocolate Mint Day--February 19National Chocolate Chip Day--May 15National Chocolate Eclair Day--June 22National Chocolate Covered Anything Day--December 16National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day--March 24National Chocolate Custard Month--May 1-31National Chocolate Pudding Day--June 26National Chocolate Ice Cream Day--June 7National Chocolate Milkshake Day--September 12

What is the national day of Ecuador?

national day is like independence day but it is not it is on august 10

When is national otter day?

National Otter Day is a day where people can celebrate otters.

When is National Hug a Drummer Day?

Every day is National Hug a Drummer day.

When is national biting day?

every day is national biting day, chomp chomp

What are some odd holidays?

July I Forgot Day Sundae Day National Drive-Thru Day Walk on Stilts Day August National Mustard Day National Fresh Breath Day National Underwear Day September Be Late For Something Day Talk Like a Pirate Day

When is national hug day?

National hug day is Januaury 21st!

When is national sock day?

national sock day is on november 12

What and when is the National Holaday?

the national day is independence day on august,10

When is national bagel day?

The 9th of February is National Bagel Day.

What is the Chinese national day?

Chinese national day is on 1st of October.

When is national computer day?

National computer day is May 3

Is there a national laptop day?

March 11th is National Laptop day.

When is national poke day?

National poke day is February 9th

What is national ferret day?

April 2nd is National Ferret day

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