What days after your period are you less likely to get pregnant?


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You are more likely to get pregnant the 2-3 days before and after ovulation. Ovulation usually takes place 14 days before your period starts.

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It is less likely than later in the cycle, but you sure can get pregnant two days after your period.

You can get pregnant 365 days of the year. That said, you are somewhat less likely to get pregnant right after your period has finished.

Yes, you can get pregnant at anytime. It's less likely that someone would conceive that far along in their cycle, though.

There is less than 2% chance of pregnancy occurring in this situation.

She's least likely when she's having her period.

Two weeks after you have your period is typically the most likely time to become pregnant.

It is possible to get pregnant at any time, but it is much less likely during menstruation. Yes you can get pregnant during you period but it is a very low chance that it will happen. The best time to get pregnant is when you are ovulating and that is normally 14 days before your period.

YES!PregnantYes, You can get pregnant five days before your period. You can Get pregnant at any time, but the less likely time is to the end of your period. AnswerMost women don't ovulate during that time, but there's no way of knowing whether you're "most women" unless you're willing to undergo some invasive procedures.

Yes. A girl has the potential to become pregnant during all stages of her menstrual cycle. Although, there are certain times during her cycle when she is more or less fertile, and therefore more or less likely to become pregnant. Also, I'm assuming you mean 25 days after she begins her period, not a period that lasts 25 days. If her period lasts 25 days (i.e., bleeding for 25 days) then she should go to the doctor, because that isn't normal.

Yes, you can get pregnant at any time regardless, you are less likely to though.

the only way you can tell if your pregnant with your period is if you miss it.

Although a woman is most fertile about 14 days after her period starts, she can get pregnant during other times of her cycle. It's just less common.

you can, but the most chance to is 7 days after your period. your less likely to if your currently on your period though

no, it takes a lot to get a get a girl pregnant. but it is highly likely and it all depends when u have sex with a girl, like if u had sex with her right after her period then she is less likely to get pregnant, but if u had sex with her around the middle of the month, like when she ovulates... there is a vary high chance of pregnancy. no

It is possible but less likely. This is within the period of time during the egg cycle used by those employing the "rhythm method" to avoid conception; popular with Catholics for whom other means of contraception are forbidden. During menstruation (and a couple of days thereafter) is the least likely period to fertilize the egg as one is not usually present in the womb at this time.It is not impossible to become pregnant during this time, just less likely as the unfertilised egg will not be in a prime position for fertilisation.

Yes, but not impossible. Always use some sort of protection.

You can get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex. It is less likely when you are on your period, but it is still possible. Pregnancy is most likely 1-2 weeks before your period.

it is possible to get pregnant at ANY time, even if you're on your period, it is just less likely.

Although a woman is most fertile about 14 days after her period starts, she can get pregnant during other times of her cycle. It's just less common.

no. you ALWAYS have a chance of gettin preggers. its just less likely to happen on you're period

As far as reaching an orgasm yes, and contrary to popular belief, yes (although less likely), it is possible for a women to get pregnant on her period.

well depends if your period was normal if it was and a test was negative is most likely you are not pregnant maybe sick but if your period was less then 3 days or lighter then there might still be a possibility you are pregnant wait a week and test that will give you a more accurate result

Yes, it is possible. It is less likely than at other times but it is still possible.

You're never safe from getting pregnant. True, at some moments during your period it's a little less likely, but you're never a 100% safe.

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