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What days and times did the gymnastics events take place in the last Olympics?


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There was lots of diffrent times but they were all done in 1 particular place.


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Current record holder for the Olympics is Almuneda Cid, having participated in the Olympics for Rhythmic Gymnastics 4 times.

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No. In ancient times, the Greeks would "vault" over running bulls. In the modern Olympics (1896 - presesnt) there was rope climb, javelin throw, pommel horse, high bar, long jump, 100m sprint, rings, etc. But yes, many track and field events used to be gymnastics events.

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It has been in every summer Olympics since the first modern one in 1896. But it was also an important sport in the ancient Greek Olympics, which happened many times.

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ancient gymnastics comes from ancient Greece because ancient Greece made the Olympics in ancient times they did things like beam vault bars and more

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