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People demand a large amount of cash for shopping and vacations during the year-end holiday season. Also, people typically withdraw cash at ATMs over the weekend, so there is more cash in circulation on Monday than on Friday


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A check that is older than 90 days (or 180 days depending on the Country) is considered a stale or expired check. It is worthless and carries no value. You cannot cash such a check. Since the check is expired, the check issuing bank will not pay for it.

The cash operating cycle is a function of how quickly you pay your accounts payable, how quickly you sell your inventory, and how quickly you collect your sales (accounts receivable):Cash operating cycle = Average days' inventory + Average days' accounts receivable - Average days' accounts payable.To reduce the cash operating cycle:sell inventory more quickly,collect sales/accounts receivable more quickly orpay accounts payable more slowly.

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Cash Flow concept, the expression "funds" is utilized uniquely in the feeling of cash and bank balance. Here, just the adjustments in cash and bank are considered. Consequently, the announcement is designated.For more information visit this

Cash flow analysis is the study of cash inflows and outflows from which activities company received how much cash inflows as well as how much cash outflows from business. If cash inflows more than cash outflows there will be more closing balance of cash then openening balance of cash.

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The statement lists all cash inflows and cash outflows during the reporting period. To enhance the informational value of the presentation, the cash flows are classified according to the nature of the activities that bring about the cash flows. The three primary categories of cash flows are (1) cash flows from operating activities, (2) cash flows from investing activities, and (3) cash flows from financing activities. Classifying each cash flow by source (operating, investing, or financing activities) is more informative than simply listing the various cash flows

i need cash free in farmville

Cash sales are more profitable. Cash is credited on the same day it's paid into the bank - earning interest from the moment it's deposited. Credit sales need to be cleared through the banks system which can take three working days from the day afterthe transaction occurred.

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Negative cash flow means cash outflow from business and overall negative cash flow means more cash outflows from business then cash inflow.

Credit Card swipe for Cash in Chennai - We have been running this cash against credit card business for more than 8 years.We are trustworthy and transparent to all our customers. We have more than 3000 customers across India.We always support your financial needs so that we work all days in a year.

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Cash can be used at more stores, and you dont collect debt if you pay purely in cash, as your not giving away hypothetical money

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