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Q: What declaration of Independence quote supports right to revolution?
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Which document contains the quote '' all men are created equal?

The Declaration of Independence.

Where did the quote that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalianable rights?

The Declaration of Independence.

Who did Thomas Jefferson quote in the declaration of independence?

sounds like a homework question

who did Thomas Jefferson quote in the The Declaration of Independence.?

sounds like a homework question

Does the constitution declares all men are created equal'?

Yes. Side Note: The Constitution is different than the Declaration of Independence.

What is meant by the expression and ldquoshot heard around the world and?

This quote is from a minuteman statue on the Concord bridge. When the American Revolution began the fist shots were fired April 19, 1775 and changed the world. It will be another year before the Declaration of Independence was written declaring independence. The other monarchies in Europe were afraid that revolution would spread to them.

Who did Ho Chi Minh quote when he declared Vietnam's independence?

He quoted from the Declaration of Independance (Thomas Jefferson).

For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses?

it means that british told slaves what to do so much that they sent them some place else

Which quote from the Declaration of Independence best shows that colonists felt the king would not listen to their wishes?

D. for cutting of our trades

What short and long-range effects did the Declaration of Independence have?

The long term effects would be that people still quote the declaration of independence today and it has been an inspiration for many.A short term effect could be that it motivated people at that time and made them realize what was happening.

What is a quote by John Hancock?

The most famous John Hancock quote was probably the one after he signed the Declaration of Independence. He famously stated, "There, I guess King George will be able to read that without his spectacles!

Who were the first two to sign the Declaration of Independence?

they were either john Hancock and button gwinnett or john Hancock and Benjamin Harrison.. don't quote me on it though...