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What degree is needed to be a police officer?

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a jr. degree

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What degrees do you need to be a police officer?

In most cases the minimum that is needed to become a police officer is a high school diploma. For a federal police job a bachelors degree is required.

What kind of training is needed to become a police officer?

police officer training

Do you need a university degree to be a police officer?


How much schooling is needed to become a police officer in MN?

5 yrs. in order to be a police officer.

Do you need an associates degree to become a police officer?


Can you become an officer with an associate degree?

You can become a police officer with an associates degree. You may also become an officer in the military provided that you attend officer candidate school.

What does it take to be a correctional officer?

a bachelors degree in police academy

What degree does it take to be a police officer?

You do not have to have a degree to become a police officer, but in almost any jurisdiction, you will, as part of your job, take ongoing classes in criminal justice, usually ending up eventually as an Associate Degree in criminal justice.

How long do police officer have to train for?

you have to go to uni first and get a degree, in law, and police studdies, then you have to set a test and pass, then you have to train for 5 years to become a police officer.

Does a security career pay less than a police career?

Yes a security officer will definitely pay less than a police officer. As a security officer you are not required to get your criminal justice degree; however becoming a police officer requires one.

Does a police officer go to a training camp when he gets a college degree?

Yes it is called police academy

What do you do to get a degree as a police officer?

Go to college and get a degree in Criminal Justice or Phycology Bachelors or Associates . Simple as that.

How fast can a police officer drive in ca?

When its an emergency as fast as needed

What degree would be best for a future police officer law or psychology?


Where can I find a local criminal justice degree job?

There many jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree besides a police officer. You can become a security officer, a social services worker, or a correctional officer.

Which state can you become a police officer with a high school degree?

Any state. It's typically only the State Police (and federal agencies) which require a degree.

Do you have to have a bachelor degree to become a police officer?

No. While requirements to become a police officer vary around the world, many police forces require some education. Police in the United States prefer at least an associates degree (two-year), although this is not a requirement. Most police do require you to attend a police academy or police college though, which you must apply to.

What college degree is needed to be a air force officer?

At least a bachelor's.

How much money does a police officer make with a 2 year college degree?


How long does it take to become a police officer if I get a criminal justice degree online?

Becoming a police officer doesn't require a criminal justice degree. That is typically for people who will have public positions or government jobs. If you want to become a law officer it typically requires classes and field training.

How can one get jobs with a criminal justice degree?

There are several jobs one can get with a criminal justice degree. There is: police officer, probation officer, correctional officer, private detective, forensic science technician, to name a few.

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in criminal justice?

A CJ degree is too general. It will help you if you already have a particular job in the CJ firld, and you need resume' bait for job promotion. try finding a specialty such as probation or corrections, then supplement it with a CJ associates degree.Police officerSheriffYou have to have a 4 year degree to do any FBI work.SecuritySpecial Police OfficerJuvenile Detention OfficerLoss Prevention Officer

What education is needed for a Marine officer?

A Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or University.

If your stepdaughter has English degree can she join as an officer?

An English degree is OK for a POLICE officer.No one can join the US military as an officer, except doctors. Everyone else joins as a Private / ROTC cadet, and QUALIFIES on active duty to become an officer.

What should i get my bachelor's degree in if i want to be a police officer?

Police officers come from a variety of educational backgrounds and fields. However, the most common degree is with a major in criminal justice or criminology.