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received his bachelor's and master's degree in mechanical engineering.

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Q: What degrees did Robert B. Catell earn?
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What was Robert B. Catell's management style?

Catell was sensitive to workers' needs and had the ability to compromise with workers, communities, and environmental groups.

What was Robert B. Catell's initial goal for KeySpan?

As chairman and CEO of KeySpan, Catell set out to build the business into a leading company in the Northeast

Where was Robert B. Catell educated?

City College of New York, BME, MME.

Who was Robert B. Catell?

Chairman and chief executive officer, KeySpan Corporation and KeySpan Energy Delivery Corporation

What was Robert B. Catell's book about?

In the book The CEO and the Monk: One Company's Journey to Profit and Purpose, Catell wrote about his views of management and building a better company through employee input, caring, and community service.

When did Robert B. Catell become president and CEO of Brooklyn Union?

In 1991 Catell was named president and CEO of Brooklyn Union. He soon began to emphasize the need to promote the use of natural gas and alternatives to other fuels.

When did Robert B. Catell join Union Gas?

Catell joined the utility company Brooklyn Union Gas in 1958 and worked in various engineering departments at a variety of jobs that included fixing meters. He eventually advanced to hold management positions

What book did Robert B. Catell write?

The CEO and the Monk: One Company's Journey to Profit and Purpose (with Kenny Moore and Glen Rifkin), 2004.

Where did Robert B. Catell study business?

he would go on to attend Columbia University's Executive Development Program and the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School,

What awards did Robert B. Catell receive?

Ellis Island Medal of Honor, 1998; named Professional Engineer of the Year by the New York Society of Professional Engineers, 2000.

How did Robert B. Catell continue to build KeySpan?

continued to build KeySpan through acquisitions and partnerships, including acquiring Energy North of New Hampshire and a stake in Houston Exploration. He then took KeySpan into telecommunications by creating a fiber optic network

When was Robert B. Carter born?

Robert B. Carter was born in 1960.

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