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The undergraduate degree that one chooses does not matter in order to be a pediatrician (or any other type of physician for that matter)--he or she must simply take the appropriate premed classes, graduate from college, and be accepted into medical school. The classes one must take to get into medical school are the same no matter which kind of physician one wants to be. Generally, the premed requirements consist of a year of Biology, a year of inorganic chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, calculus, English, and a year of physics. (Check with a premed adviser to make sure that these have not changed).

If you know that you have a particular interest in Pediatrics, you might consider trying to volunteer with a clinic or hospital and finding an pediatrician who would serve as your mentor to see if it's really what you want to do and to show your interest in the field.

Once in medical school, all of the classes and rotations are the same for everyone until the fourth year, when elective rotations can be taken. You would need to apply to pediatric residency programs during that year of medical school and then complete a pediatrics residency (typically 3 years).

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To become a pediatrician you need:

4 year college degree

4 year medical school degree

3-4 years of an accredited residency program

For a combined total of 11-12 years of training after the completion of high school.

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Q: What degrees do pediatricians need?
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Yes, all types of doctors need a license to practice, including pediatricians.

Do pediatricians need an agent?

No - they need a college education.

What certificate or License do Pediatricians need?


What type of doctors do pediatricians work with?

Most pediatricians have practices by themselves or in settings with other pediatricians and Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. By "working with", if you mean who do they know...they know the doctors that they need to refer their patients to that need more specialized care.

How do pediatricians uses math?

Pediatricians need to use math for many things. For example, in medicine, calculations are done using the metric system, so pediatricians need to know how to convert measurements. Also, to give out dosages, they need to use math. Body mass index is also another reason they need math. Many more things have math involved.

What geographical area has a great need for pediatricians?

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What special skills do pediatricians need?

Inspire to send people to jail :-)

Why are pediatricians needed?

pediatricians needed to treat kids

What is the dress-code for working pediatricians?

pediatricians have no dress code when there at work but pediatricians in training usually wear scrubbs.

What is a general primary care pediatrician?

do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

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Well, pediatricians need to be able to work well with kids, have a big patience tolerence for the parents as well, be able to go through their AT LEAST 8 years of med school, and be a people person.

Do you need a doctorate in pediatrics?

Pediatricians are physicians (medical doctors) with a specialty in pediatrics. Thus, yes they need a doctorate.

Who is a Pediatricians apprentiship?

If pediatricians were to have an apprentice, it would be a pediatric resident.

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Pediatricians usually work in hospitals.

Are there promotions for pediatricians?

No, there isn't because pediatricians get paid a lot.

Do pediatricians get days off?

Depends on where you work but most pediatricians do.

Are pediatricians only from the US?

No there are also pediatricians in other countries.

Are pediatricians a professional position?

Yes, pediatricians are considered professionals.

Are pediatricians a kind of doctors?

Yes. Pediatricians are doctors for kids.

Are pediatricians healthcare or nursing?

Pediatricians are licensed medical practitioners.

Why do pediatricians have to travel?

because they need to be able to travel back and forth to the place of work.

What is the need for pediatricians?

Any field that involves primary care (ie, pediatrics, internal medicine, and family practice) is in short supply through-out most of the country. In Georgia, for example, there is a shortage of pediatricians, especially in rural areas. So, yes, there is a need for more well-trained pediatricians. you will need 4 year of college 4 years at medical school and 3 years working at a

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I think most pediatricians live in California

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Pediatricians work on all parts of children.

Certification or licensing for pediatricians?

Pediatricians are medical doctors who specialize in pediatrics, or the care and treatment of children. Most pediatricians are licensed doctors of osteopathic medicine.