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Q: What describes a reform of the 1820s that made voting easier?
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. How were voting rights affected by growing democratic values in the 1820s?

Increasing numbers of people participated in the voting process.

An important political change of the 1820s was that?

mass participation through wider voting rights for white males.

Anne frank beyond the diary what does reform Jews mean?

Reform Judaism was a movement that started in the 1820s and rejected much of the fundamentalism of traditional Orthodox Judaism.

Which is most appropriate evidence for describing the 1820s as an age of reform?

Plato answer: Opening of the Troy female seminary

What was the name of the campaign in the 1820s to help limit alcohol consumption?

You might be referring to the Temperance Movement or Temperance Reform.

Which group gained voting right in the 1820s and 1830s?

White males - apex

In what ways did the US expand its territory and power during the 1820s and 1830s?

They expanded its territory and power by buying them for big money, forcing them to give it to them, & by voting it out.

Best describes The policy of the government of Mexico toward Texas?

It encouraged American settlement in Texas in the 1820s and early 1830s.

How do you write a decade of years like 1820s or 1820s?


What is the most appropriate evidence for describing the 1820s as an age of reform?

The most appropriate evidence for describing the 1820s as an age of reform includes the rise of social movements such as abolitionism and women's rights, the implementation of democratic reforms in some countries, and the emergence of new ideas challenging traditional societal structures. These changes reflect a period marked by efforts to address social injustices and inequalities through various movements and reforms.

What happened during the 1820s that made it easier for white men who did not own property to influence the public policy?

The Jacksonian democracy which was created by the beliefs of Andrew Jackson made it easier for white men that did not own property to influence public policy in the 1820s. Andrew Jackson believed that all men were created equal and should have a say in how the country they lived in was operated.

What sports were played in the 1820s?

What Sprots Were Played In The 1820s? -Boxing -Cricket -Horse Racing