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A plot diagram.

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Q: What describes the rising of a plot in any story?
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What does plot event mean in a story?

Whatever happens in a story, any event in that plot would be a plot event

Can you show me a short story with a plot?

All stories have plots! Read any short story you want -- what happens in the story is the plot.

The is any events that occur after the resolution in a story?

the plot

What is the foundation of any short story's plot?


Can you show me an example story using the plot structure?

All stories have plots. Go read any story and what happens is the plot.

Can plot be used in any text?

I'm not sure you understand what the term means. "Plot" just means what happens in a story or novel. If you don't have a plot, you don't have a story. Nonfiction text usually does not have a plot.

What is the plot of a ghost story?

A ghost story can have any plot you want, so long as there is a ghost somewhere in it -- or at least the suspicion or possibility of a ghost.

What is the full plot for Toy Story 5?

I don't think there will be any more Toy Stories.

What are plot characteristics?

A plot has many characteristics. Plot is basically the events in the sotry, but here are some of the main events included in a plot. 1. Problem: A plot includes the main problem, or what is trying to be solved in the story. 2. Climax: A plot includes a climax, which is basically the peak of the story, or you could say the most important point. 3. Solution: A plot includes the solution to your main problem. 4. Any other Events: A plot includes all the main events in the story, or any events from the story in general.

Are there any paradox between Rising action and Falling action?

A rising action is how the end of the story will fall together.

What is the word for ideas or issues behind a story?

For any story, it could be the setting. For fictional stories, it is the plot.

What are the 2 most important elements for any short story?

plot and characters. Without these you have an essay not a story.

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