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Q: What describes the signs and symptoms that develop in response to a pathogen?
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What happens after implantation bleeding stops?

After Implantation you develop other pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, swollen breasts and other common symptoms

What is the difference between latent infection and inapparent infection?

An inapparent infection occurs when a susceptible person is exposed to an agent, is consequently infected, but neverdevelops clinical symptoms (subclinical). An inapparent infection may result in immunity - but they may not develop immunity and could even become a carrier.In contrast, an exposed susceptible person may develop symptoms (clinical infection), but later enter a period where they no longer exhibit those symptoms. This person would be said to have a "latent infection". They have not recovered - they are still infected -- and they might start to exhibit clinical symptoms later.Exposed ---- Infected ------ no symptoms --------------------------------------> Resolution INAPPARENT INFECTIONExposed ---- Infected ----- symptoms ----no symptoms ---- symptoms ----> Resolution|< Latent Infection>|- Dominick A. Leone -

Which principle best describes why holes develop in snow around tree trunks?

It is probably caused by snow melt dripping from the foliage.

Who was empedocles how did he develop his theorywho was empedocles how did he develop his theorywho was empedocles how did he develop his theorywho was empedocles how did he develop his theory?

Empedocles was a Greek philosopher who lived from 490 to 430 BC. He is most well known for claiming the existence of only four elements: earth, fire, air and water. He developed this theory in response to a popular philosophical argument over change in the natural world.

What are the symptoms of H. pylori?

H Pylori is a bacterium that is commonly located in the stomach and present in over half of the Earth's population. Most People who have H Pylori won't develop symptoms and never develop problems. But H Pylori has been known to cause stomach ulcers, digestive problems and less commonly, stomach cancer. Symptoms include pain or discomfort, bloating, lack of appetite, nausea or vomiting, dark or tar colored stools, or ulcers that bleed and cause low blood count and fatigue.

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What would happen if an individual receives a vaccination containing a weakened pathogen?

Sometimes they will develop mild flu like symptoms and have a low grade fever. With the weakened your body will recognize the pathogen and develop antibodies against it, so your reaction would be milder then contracting the actual illness.

How long does it take for the symptoms of tuberculoid leprosy to develop?

On an average, it takes four years for the symptoms of tuberculoid leprosy to develop.

What are the symptoms of Vesicoureteral reflux?

VUR alone does not usually cause symptoms. Symptoms develop when an infection has set in.

What best describes the typical response to body image during puberty?

During puberty, there is a strong possibility that children develop body image issues. That is because there is a lot of competition and comparison among children .

What are the three stages of an incident response plan?

Form the IR planning team, Develop the IR policy, Organize the security incident response team (SIRT), Develop the IR plan, and Develop IR procedures.

Can a female be have chlamydia without symptoms for a couple of years and then develop symptoms?

Yes; it is developing into PID.

Develop an introductry paragraph that intent describes of the installation for the windows server 2008?

Develop an introductry paragraph that intent describes of the installation for the windows server 2008?

Why is a child unlikely to develop the symptoms of measles if exposed to the pathogen again?

The subject, in fighting off their first bout of measles, developed an antibody specifically effective against measles, and becomes able to reproduce this if re-exposed. The infection is then typically killed off before it becomes symptomatic.

What describes the life of a star?

Stellar evolution is the collection of hypotheses that describes how stars develop as they age.

How long are you contagious if you have mumps?

Very contagious if you haven't been immunized.

In early stages _____ has no symptoms and develop with the time?

Chronic glomerulonephritis

What is diagnosis of a drug overdose based on?

Diagnosis of a drug overdose may be based on the symptoms that develop, however, the drug may do extensive damage to the body before significant symptoms develop.