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Q: What descriptive term or item used to describe something or someone?
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Descriptive term or item used to identify someone or something?


A descriptive word or item used to identify something or someone?


Do you want me to talk to an item or about it?

if you talk to an item you are having a conversation with this item wich is illogical as items are not living obejcts....... but if you are talking about an item you are making reference to it, and you can describe it to someone you are talking with...

What is the definition of a detail?

The word detail is used to describe something specific about something. It can be a fact, feature, or item of a certain thing.

What is a desc on roblox?

A Description on ROBLOX is something that will describe a place/item/group and it is made by the owner.

What does it mean when a person regains something?

When someone regains something this means they are getting something that they once had back. This can happen both mentally or with a physical item that you now have.

If someone gives you something now wants it back do you give it back?

No, once they have given you the item it is then officially yours and you have the option whether to give the item back or not.

Can something mean someone?

Not really! Something usually refers to more of an object or item, while someone usually refers to a person. You wouldn't want them to get confused. For example, you could say "someone" is parked in my spot. It's not usual to say, "something" is parked in my spot.

What is the difference between trade and commercial?

A trade is when you give someone an item and they give you something back Commercial is when buy something and theres not returned items

What do they mean when they say something is allocated?

A part(allocation) of something, is given(allocated) to someone. The thing to be allocated can be anything, for example, it can be a non-tangible item like responsibilty, or it can be a tangible item, example a piece of land, or a desk in an office.

How do you know if it's a potential sale?

You can know if something is a potential sale if people are looking at the item. The item will most likely be a sale if someone is asking questions about it, especially about the price.

What term is defined as a item or feature for which a customer is willing to pay?

A commodity is a term that could be used to describe something that a customer is willing to pay for. A commodity is an item or service that is produced or offered that satisfies the wants or the needs of the consumer.