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What desert animal eat meat and plants?

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An animal that can eat plants and meat?

Bears, Racoons and Skunks eat both plants and meat

What animal does not eat meat or plants?


Do wolves eat plant or animal?

wolves are omnivores they eat plants and meat but mostly meat

What animal lives in a desert that eats plants?

There are many, many animals that eat plants and live in the desert. However, there are no deserts that eat plants.

What does the animal called if they eat plants and meat?


Does a carniviorous animal eat meat?

Yes Carnivores eat meat, Herbivores eat plants, Omnivores eat everything.

Are animals that eat meat carnivores?

If they just eat meat then yes. If they eat meat and plants then they are omnivores == No. If an animal eats mostly meat it is a Carnivore. A herbivore can also eat meat, but the primary diet will be plants. Herbivores and Omnivores can also eat meat.

What is the word for an animal that eats meat?

An animal that eats meat is a carnivore.(Those that eat both meat and plants are called omnivores.)

Does a desert tortoise eat meat?

No. They are herbivores, so they only eat things like plants.

Is a monkey a omnivorous animal?

yes as they eat plants and meat

What kinds of animals eat plants?

A herbivore is an animal who eats only plants and vegetables. An omnivore will eat plants or meat.

Why desert animals eat meat?

It is because plants are not all that common is deserts!

What kind of consumer is an animal that only eats plants?

Herbivores eat plants while Carnivore eat meat. Omnivore eat both plants and meat, take us, human as an example.

What is another animal that eats green plants or other animals called?

Herbivores eat plants (cattle).Carnivores eat meat (lions).Omnivores eat a mixture of plants and meat (humans).

Can herbivores eat anything besides meat?

Herbivores don't eat meat they only eat plant material. If an animal eats plants and meat it is called an omnivore If an animal eats only meat it is called a carnivore.

Animal eats plants?

plant eaters=herbivores meat eaters=carnivores eat both plants and meat=Omnivores

What is a animal the eats plants called?

If they eat only plants, the animal is a herbivore. An animal that eats both plants and animals is an omnivore. A carnivore is a meat-eater.

What is the consumer in the desert?

Any animal found in a desert is a consumer. Only plants are classified as producers. Some animals eat plants, other animals eat animals that eat plants. Plants are the basis for any food chain.

What kind of food animals eat?

It depends on what type of animal it is. Usually wild animals eat meat, plants, or both. Tamed animals eat plants, meat, and pet food!

What desert animal eats snakes?

eagles mongoose and other things that eat meat

Do some animals in the forest sea and desert eat plants?

Yes, in the Desert the desert animals eat lots of cactus and other plants in the desert. In the sea the animals eat Kelp, seaweed, and etc.... And finally in the forest the animals eat either specific leaves or meat! Answered by: Anonymous

What are the 7 consumers for desert?

Every animal that lives in any desert in the world is a consumer. All feed on plants or animals that eat plants.

What type of animal only eats meats?

I assume you're asking about carnivores, as they are the broad group of animals that eat meat. Herbivores eat only plants and omnivores eat meat and plants.

What is the scientific word for plant eater and animal eater?

Animals that eat plants are called herbivore, animals that eat meat are called carnivores and animals that eat meat and plants are called omnivores.

How are hebovoirs like omnivoirs?

Herbivores are animals that only eat plants, and those that are NOT in the animal kingdom, and Omnivores eat meat AND plants, so what they have in common is that they eat plants.

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