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Q: What details support Kennedys main idea that the task of defending freedom should be welcomed?
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What did Diane Nash do as a freedom rider?

She was defending them.

What was the law that welcomed all Christians in Maryland?

The toleration Act granted freedom to Christian to be welcomed in Maryland. The law was passed in 1649.

Who is being welcomed in the new colossus?

The "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" are being welcomed in the poem "The New Colossus." These are individuals seeking freedom and prosperity in the United States.

What is an example of Americans citizens defending your nation from an assault on liberty?

love,freedom,and of course war

What is Carrier Strike Group Nine's motto?

Carrier Strike Group Nine's motto is 'Defending Freedom'.

Was getting involved in World War 2 the best thing for the nation?

If you don't care what Hitler did, then probably no it wasn't best for the nation. If you think that the invasion of countries is wrong, If you think that genocide is wrong, If you think that freedom is worth defending, then yes it was the best thing for the nation. We were defending freedom, the laws may be different if we didn't fight for freedom. Yes it was a good thing.

Which colonial region's society known as the Breadbasket Colonies welcomed a great mix of people encouraged religious freedom?

Middle Colonies

What is the motto of Florida Air National Guard?

The motto of Florida Air National Guard is 'Guarding America, Defending Freedom'.

What government policies pursues the economic goal of freedom?

Protecting consumers from fraud <apex is gay>

Why did the allies strike back?

Because they were defending themselves from the Dark Side in the Star Wars Trilogy. They were fighting for freedom with the help of The Force.

Who wrote my bondage my freedom?

"My Bondage and My Freedom" was written by Frederick Douglass, an African American abolitionist and former slave. It was published in 1855 and is an autobiography that details his experiences of slavery and his journey to freedom.

Why is the Statue of Liberty included world heritage list?

The Statue of Liberty was included into the world heritage list because she represents freedom and she welcomed many immigrants into America.