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Usually the voltage level of your gun's battery defines the rate of fire. There is also different motors in airsoft guns.

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2008-05-10 21:30:29
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Q: What determines airsoft rate of fire?
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Does using a bigger battery in your airsoft gun increase its fps?

No, The battery size determines the Rate of Fire or how fast it shoots. The fps is determined by the spring.

What is the rate of fire of a airsoft gun?

depends on what kind it is

Is the Tommy airsoft gun a good gun?

YES. It is accurate and has a great fire rate.

What does r.o.f. mean in airsoft?

Rate of fire or how many BBs come out every second.

How long will a 9oz canister last in an airsoft gun?

Depends on the outside temperature and rate of fire.

Is it bad for your airsoft gun to use bbs more than once?

no. infact there are airsoft guns made to do that. it only makes the fire rate slow for that particular shot.

How fast does an Airsoft Glock fire?

The Airsoft Glock rifle fires a single shot, up to a rate of 600 RPM. And at a speed of around 450-500 FPS. This may vary from gun to rifle, and which model is used to fire.

Can you fire airsoft bbs in a paintball gun?

no, airsoft bbs are too small.

What does select-a-fire mean for airsoft?

on certain guns you can change the rate of fire most guns have safe, semiautomatic (single shot) and fully automatic (rapid fire). some guns have burst fire from 2 to 5 shots

Where do you put bullets in a JLS 2014b airsoft gun?

Airsoft weapons do not fire real ammunition.

What is the airsoft miniguns fps?

Airsoft miniguns can shoot at a variety of fps's, it can range from aroudn 200-700 fps. These guns are not very accurate however have a very high rate of fire, and is mainly used to spray around the enemy

What is better for airsoft small or large battery?

Large battery lasts longer and maybe has better rate of fire. Don't use too powerful batteries.

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