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change in elevation and change in density

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It's the weight of the displaced fluid ... the amount of fluid that had to get out of the way when the object was dropped into the fluid.

For a very basic explanation, pressure is the amount of force in any given area. Hydrostatic pressure, or fluid pressure, is the amount of force exuded at equilibrium due to gravity. So at any given point in a fluid, the pressure is equal to the weight of the fluid above it as well as the depth below it.

A pressure applied to a confined fluid increases the pressure throughout by the same amount.

False, would increase the amount of fluid leaving the capillaries.

Water pressure works based on the difference of altitudes or height. The height of the tank determines the amount of pressure that the water supply will have.

In globe valve we just handle small amount and small pressure of fluid while in gate valve we can handle a large amount and large pressure of fluid.

the substance that determines the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid

The amount of MASS determines the amount of inertia an object has.

what determines the pressure of a liquid at any point?

A= actually its fluid pressure and fluid pressure is any kind of fluid(gas,liquid,air,are all fluid. Fluid Pressure is any fluid that is exerted on the surface, to calculate fluid pressure divide the force by the area over which it is applied.

in hydrodynamics pressure is inversely proportionate to speed. ie. Resting water has the greatest amount of pressure.

the mass of the object determines the amount of inertia in an object

The integrity of the dam is dependent upon the amount of backwater held up by it. Any huge defference in the fluid pressure can cause structural damage in the walls of the dam.

The answer depends on the pressure and the viscosity of the fluid.The answer depends on the pressure and the viscosity of the fluid.The answer depends on the pressure and the viscosity of the fluid.The answer depends on the pressure and the viscosity of the fluid.

As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases.

because of the height, as you go down further in depth the greater the pressure. imagine when you at a greater depth the greater amount of fluid you have to endure. the pressure would be the same everywhere at the same depth in fluid but the force on the object would depend on the area of the object.

the fluid pressure decrease as the speed increase

Yes, there is fluid pressure in the skeleton. However, fluid pressure is only in the exoskeleton, not the internal skeleton.

Latitude determines the amount of sunlight received.

what determines the amount of voltage produced by a voltaic cell?

As you go deeper in a fluid, the pressure of the fluid increases.

Fluid Pressure is evenly distributed at a given level in fluid. Your welcome

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