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Predict is probably the wrong word here.
Weather forcasts, today, extrapolate trends, as with many other things. This is done by programming computers with information. The 'prediction' is best guess. The more information we can give the computer the more accurate the 'prediction' is likely to be. But, as we all have seen, sometimes these 'predictions' are wrong.

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What predicts future weather patterns?

Computer models predict future weather patterns

What predicts future weather?

satalites or a beromiter

What is the book Future Shock about?

The novel, Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, is a futurology book that was published in 1970. The novel predicts environmental change in the future. It also describes how individuals cope with change.

What is the setting for Judy Moody Predicts The Future?

The setting for Judy Moody: predicts the future is in school (grassy area) In her home and out in the backyard.

What do call a person that predicts the future?


What do you call a person that predicts the future?


What is the soothsayer in Julius Caesar?

He is a person who predicts the future.

A person that predicts the future?

christian cinco from philippines

What is a chiromancer?

A fortuneteller who predicts your future by the lines on your palms...

What is the name of a person who predicts the future?

a fortune teller

What do you call a person that predicts your future?

fortune teller

What do you call a person who predicts the future?

A fake. Another Thought A Precognitive.

What do you call a person who predicts future by looking at palm?

a palm reader

What is a 7 letter word for to tell the future?

Predicts? Fortune? Psychic?

What a person who perfectly predicts what will happen in the future called?

He is fortune teller

What do you call a man who predicts the future?

A person with the supposed ability to predict the future is called a clairvoyant, regardless of their gender.

How will people avoid tornadoes in the future?

There is no way to avoid tornadoes. Weather conditions cause these and unfortunately there is no way to change the weather.

What do you call a person who predicts future through cards?

tarot card reader

How do you die in sleep?

you can die in your sleep from drugs

What Beowulf predict will happen in the future?

Beowulf predicts that he will win and defeat Grendel by himself.

What type of yield curve predicts a future increase in inflation?

A inverted slope yield curve pridecits future increase in inflation.

Why weather observations help you predict future weather events?

When you look at your weather instruments and the radar. You and the meteorologists can get a general idea of what the weather is going to be like. Then again, they can be wrong, forcasts do change though.

What if the dream comes true in the future?

A dream can forecast the future in the same way that the weather forecast predicts next week's rain, but nothing supernatural is involved. The subconscious mind often notices subtle events, emotions, trends and patterns that can easily be overlooked by the waking, conscious mind. When these subconscious observations are put in logical order in a dream, they appear to predict the future. In reality, the dream of the future, like the weather report, is based on observed facts that point toward a future event.

What is the verb for predict?

Predict is already a verb because it is an action.Other verbs are predicts, predicting and predicted."I will predict the future now"."They are predicting that the volcano will erupt next week"."They predicted the weather would be snowy".

How is the movement of particles in diffusion determined?

a little green elf licks your balls and predicts the future