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Pendrives and card readers

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Q: What devices do you use to get data into the computer?
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Types of holographic data storage devices in Computer?

i want that holography data storage use in computer or not?

Hardware devices that accept data in a form the computer can use are called?

Input devices.

What is the meaning of use of computer network?

The meaning of Computer network is focusing on sharing data and peripheral devices like printer, scanner, and other devices.

What is the examples of source data entry devices?

fax machine is the example of source data entry devices

To feed data or instructions into computer you use?

In order to feed any instruction or data int a computer, one has to use input devices. The most common input devices are the keyboard, mouse and microphone.

What part of the computer collects data from people and devices?

Input devices connect to the computer and they pass data into the Processor where it can be processed.

What are the two ways data can be stored on a computer?

you can use a usb and place it in the the input for usb devices , then save it on to the computers data!!

What are input devices at realtors?

The devices that are used for input data in the computer are called input devices in realtors

What are the two most important input devices of a computer?

Computer input devices are peripheral devices that provide data and control signals to the computer. The keyboard and mouse are the most important input devices.

Why rom is the essential part of a computer?

with out that devices we can not read the data

Is it true that input devices enable the computer to give you the results of processed data?

No. OUTPUT devices do that.

How is information derived from data?

Input devices sends data to the central processing unit. Central processing unit (CPU) excutes computer instructions. Memory holds data and programs currently in use. In the same time secondary storage devices stores data and programs. Lastly output devices make processed data (information) available.